Vanilla cupcakes with pastry cream

Hi everyone!

I hope you are enjoying this week end in beautiful August. Maybe being out in the sun camping, hiking, being with your family at the beach, or baking when the weather is not so shining. Today I would like to share a cupcake recipe with you. These little small treats can be varied in a million ways, and with different toppings and fillings. Vanilla is a personal favorite  for me, so here is a recipe for vanilla cupcakes with a cream pastry cream filling and to top it of a yummy mascarpone frosting.


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Mini chocolate Bounty cupcakes

Hello lovely people! I hope you have a wonderful week-end with lot of fun activities, or simply just relaxing and recovering from a week filled with hard work.
Yesterday it was The Color Run here, a color festival you run with your friends, with i attended. It was loads of fun! We started with complete white clothes, and when we finished, we were covered with all the colors of the rainbow!!! You can have your own little Color Run at home. You run with your friends, or maybe having a color party!! The colors you throw on each other are made from corn starch and food coloring which you just stir together. A piece of cake 😉
Here is some pictures of how it can look like when you cross the finish line…

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